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The SE.G.NI Project (Educational Services, Parenting, Inter-company Nursery) - 2020 PIR 01319, is a project selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for combating child educational poverty to increase the offer of educational and care services for early childhood (0-3 years) for a duration of 3 years.

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Contrast of juvenile educational poverty

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Graduatoria non ammessi Corso di Qualifica

Pubblicata graduatoria non ammessi per il Corso di Qualifica

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Graduatoria di ammissione Corso di Qualifica

Pubblicata graduatoria di ammissione per il Corso di Qualifica

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Corso di Qualificazione

Pubblicato l'elenco Ammessi ed Esclusi Selezione

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Inaugurazione "Piccolo Nido"

Inaugurato a Tito(PZ) il primo nido Interaziendale della Basilicata

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Inaugurazione "Piccolo Nido"

Nuovo modello di walfare per donne e famiglie.

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Inaugurazione "Il Piccolo Nido"

Inaugurazione Asilo Interaziendale "Il Piccolo Nido"

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Graduatoria di ammissione all'asilo nido "Il Piccolo Nido"

Pubblicata graduatoria di ammissione all'asilo nido "Il Piccolo Nido"

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Our targets

The project takes place in the Municipalities of the Province of Potenza, belonging to the social territorial area of Marmo Platano Melandro. As a new welfare model in Basilicata, it provides for the experimentation of an inter-company nursery in the industrial area of Tito (PZ) for the children of company employees and for families in vulnerable conditions.

Our services

The actions planned in support of the company nursery are parenting support services, the creation and use of the "Parcor" web application, focus groups with subsequent training actions, parent and child laboratories for 0-3 years and 4 -6 years. The implementation of the regional qualification course with national validity is foreseen. Technician of the integrated education system of early childhood services for carrying out the related profession.

Project partners

Il piccolo Nido

Associazione No Profit


Associazione No Profit


Corsi e formazione


Enterprise Systems Integration

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